January 22, 2008

Librarian Dress Up?

Hmm.... part of me is laughing out loud, part is going "Bwaaahhhh?"

Check out "Librarian Dress Up", a Java dress-up e-doll (what is the electronic equivalent of a paper doll, anyway?) run by LibrarianPlanet.com, "Information for the librarian generation" (also new to me, and the URL doesn't resolve to that). Drag-n-drop to create your very own shushing librarian! (Note you can also strip her down to her unmentionables.)

Again, I say, hmmm. I'm going to go with "humor" on this one, I think. (A dress-up doll to eparker on LU for the link!)

Updated the next day: the Effing.Librarian, sick of the female-only stereotype, has created a Male Dress-Up Librarian e-doll! (Kinda.)

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