September 5, 2007

Pondering Themes

So, the work continues on my Drupal installation... right now I'm fiddling with the display issues and (of course, since I got my subtheme all set up the way I like it) looking for a possible new theme. Seems the staff are used to seeing the page title up in the header area and want it to look like that now, too. (I would kinda like that, too - there's a lot of unused real estate up there.) I suspect that a simple tweak of the PHP template file would do it, but I dunno PHP and haven't a clue where to start... so let the search engines rip! If I can find a theme that already does it, at least I've got my subtheme information handy and can probably change it in much less time than it took me last time. One of the advantages of having already done it once, I suppose.

(Updated at 4pm, same day: I figured it out! Next time I'm wrestling with something, I'll blog about it... seems whenever I blog a problem, shortly after I hit "publish post" I figure it out! Sheesh.)

Data ingestion is slow but going, and I'm pleased with that, and most of my staff has at least logged in and played around with creating pages, so that's going well. At least I'm getting input!

96° and the radar shows storms to the south, moving this way - Henrietta's beating on Sonora right now (hopefully somewhat lightly as she loses steam) and is headed our way. Wheee...

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