September 24, 2007

Monday's Random Musings

Summer is definitely over now - welcome, Fall! (Here's to the start of the best part of the year; the eight months that make summer totally worth it!)

* I'm not sure how I feel about Askville. I loves me some Amazon, but wonder why they felt they had to get into the answer market...

* More on The Hollywood Librarian: as we approach the national release of the movie (next week during Banned Books Week), pre-reviews and interviews are starting to pop up again. Yesterday, Frank Gray wrote "Film slams book on silly librarian stereotypes" for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. I'm sure more will come. No word yet as to whether my local library system will be showing the film, but I'm keeping my eyes open! via LISNews

* I'm taking a break from my electronic document management system wrestling and getting back to Drupal this week - whee!

Currently a beeee-yeautiful 79° and sunny.

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