July 6, 2007

Do we need libraries anymore?

Hell, yes, we do!

I've been following the postings on this article (and other blog articles about it) for a while, but only realized this morning that I didn't mention it here, and I think it deserves a mention because too many people (and sadly, some of them are in charge of library funding issues) think that the Internet is the death knell for libraries.

Written by Marc Fisher on June 22nd, this article in the Washington Post poses the title question, and asks, "Have you seen your use of libraries drop off since the computer became standard equipment at home and at work, and what would you want from libraries in the future?" Reading the answers has really cheered me up, since reading the article is a bit of a downer (Mr. Fisher seems to think the answer to his question is "No") - my favorite response has been that of "G", who replied "Are you insane? Yes, there's data on the internet, but how much of it can you trust? You can't beat a library!" Yes, G, yes!

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