July 26, 2007

Catching Up: A Few Random Links

So I'm finally starting to dig out from this week's LISNews, LII's New This Week, LotD, etc - hopefully tomorrow I can spend some time catching up on blogs. Here's some things I've come across, or that have been sent to me, that I wanted to share:

* This awesome library poster posted by Flickr user Felicia... I'm seriously thinking of printing out one and posting it on my office door! (thanks Amy!)

* An interesting article about "Library Law: Library Dress Codes: Keeping Up Appearances" that includes court rulings and suggestions for library dress policies (via LISNews)

* Greg Schwartz's Uncontrolled Vocabulary blog and podcast is a great live (every Thursday night) discussion about hot topics in the library world today. One of these days - if I can stay up that late - I might even join in! (via multiple bloggers)

It's currently a lovely (well, for us at least) 85° with an active flood advisory in effect. Whee...

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