April 24, 2007

Systems Librarians are people too!

Yes, indeedy we are - people too, and librarians too! Came across this LiveJournal posting by FabGrrl (and followon comments), "Systems Librarians are people too!" and had to share. However, I have to say that I don't have it anywhere near that badly; I guess partly because I've worked with this team for years, so they know what I do and what I'm not likely to do, and partly because I'm a solo librarian and don't have to explain (or justify) to an "old guard". Thank heavens!

I love being a systems librarian and, having done the more traditional librarian route for a couple of years, I'd choose systems librarian again as a career path in a heartbeat!

Sunny and 70°; just a bit on the cool side, but nice.

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