January 9, 2007

Next Steps in the CMS Investigation

Well, I have to say, teh intarwebs r0ck! No, seriously, thanks to input from friends, fellow systems librarians, the syslib and web4lib lists, online forums, and the absoutely fabulous OpenSourceCMS site, I've narrowed the "what should we install for testbeds" list down to two web CMS applications and two wikis. The advancing apps are:

* Drupal
* WebGUI
* TWiki
* MediaWiki

My office walls are covered with comparison charts with lines, circles, stars, and arrows all over them, which I point at if someone comes in and asks what I'm up to. I'm also giving a talk Friday to our engineering team called "What's a CMS anyway, and why do we care?", hopefully the first step towards buy-in by my staff. We'll see how it goes.

Now that I've decided what to install and test, I have to upgrade the OS on the webdev server, so that'll be next up this week. Probably won't get to an actual installation before next week, but I'm looking forward to it!

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