October 25, 2006

Google, Google, Bo-Boogle

So. For someone who makes a living as a webmaster, I only just discovered Google's Webmaster Central. It isn't the be-all, end-all, but it's certainly got some useful tools, especially the Site Status Wizard. Also, if you haven't already been playing with them, check out some of the Google Gadgets; you can add a Google Map, a Wikipedia Search, local National Weather Service radar, and a host of other widgets (1531 to choose from!) to your web site.

Links found via Librarian in Black, who somehow is much more up to date on all this stuff, while simultaneously working, traveling and giving talks, and writing complete and well-thought-out blog postings about all this stuff. I am in awe.


Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) said...

Aww, you're sweet. It's just 300+ RSS feeds that I read daily, a half-dozen listservs, and a handful of e-mail newsletters. Anyone could do what I do, but I'm glad you find it helpful!

Ruth said...

Oh, gee, Sarah, only 300+ feeds *daily*, plus... I'm lucky if I can keep up with my regular email and listservs!

I remain in awe of your abilities *grin*