October 2, 2008

The $900,000 Librarian

Untitled Film Still #13Holy cow! A collector at a recent Christie's auction in New York spent $902.5K on a photograph by artist Cindy Sherman". Read the article over at Forbes.

"Sherman poses as a librarian, gazing beyond the shelves of books that surround her. [...] There is a certain kitsch appeal to the black-and-white photos, but the underlying message is more serious and draws attention to female stereotypes in our society."

via LISnews


Anonymous said...

This is a great website for new librarians who don't quite look the part. Thanks!

Janice in NE Ohio said...

I disagree with your comment about a female stereotype in this photo.
I simply see a library user who happens to be attractive.

Ruth said...

Janice, that's actually a quote from the Forbes article, not from me. I agree, she just looks like a library user to me - but I think that might just be the point. Thanks for your comment!