May 19, 2008

Ice Break on the Rillito: 2008

Yep, today's the day, folks: we've just officially hit 100°F for the first time this year. I believe we're going to actually go past it a bit - last forecast I saw was 103° - but today's it. Bye, bye, spring - hello summer!

My prediction, not that it's very difficult to do: another 100 days of 100+ degree weather. Not starting just yet, but in, say, another month? Yep.

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

Y'know, I'm Googling for something other than blogs on the subject of the Tucson ice break tradition, and I've yet to find any. (I don't suppose KVOA does the contest anymore.) On the blogs, I'm seeing some references to the ice breaking on the Santa Cruz (which is what I remember) while others (such as yours) say the Rillito. Odd, that. Presumably the mythical ice would break on both rivers on the same 100 degree day.

Here's hoping we don't get 100 days over 100!