March 10, 2008

CiL: I made the cover!

March CiL Cover
Wow. I had no idea that Information Today was going to use my article on choosing and implementing a CMS for their March cover! How exciting :-D Even more exciting, they've made it freely available online (although without the groovy graphics and tables and things). This makes my second article for CiL, and my second cover! What a lovely way to end a Monday!

It's a perfectly lovely 75°. Aaahhhh.... spring in Tucson!


Paul R. Pival said...

Cool, congrats!

Anonymous said...

This article was great - it is the best account I read on how to pick, plan, and implement a CMS. Thanks for sharing your experience!


Christina said...

Congrats - I'll read it as soon as possible!

The.Effing.Librarian said...

as soon as I can understand all-that-stuff-you-talked-about, I'm going to pass it on... we're in-between webmasters and somehow I feel it's my responsibility to learn as much of this stuff as I can (but not my job to) before that position gets filled. (can't be too specific on my library cuz I try to blog anonymously.) we have many contributors to our website, so even if I never learn to run the (future) site, I need to know how it works so I can pass that on to all the library people who want their news/programs listed on the site. right now, we have static html, so all of our pages will need to be redone. (walks away for a minute) I just got the CiL issue now, and I'll read it today (and comprehend it sometime later). congrats on the cover.

Ruth said...

Good luck, effing, and not to bang the drum too much more but I do recommend Drupal for the kind of setup you're talking about. Feel free to email me directly if you want to talk about it :-)