February 19, 2008

LoginToboggan Rocks!

So, I've been fairly quiet lately about the whole Drupal development thing, primarily because I've been madly pulling in data and creating node after node after node. It's really shaping up nicely. One of the big bugaboos I've mentioned here before was the access restrictions; was having a very hard time getting that all sorted out the way I wanted. Well, I threw a help email out to the Drupal4Lib listserv and bang, I got a good half-dozen suggestions. One of them, LoginToboggan, is exactly what I was looking for! (The folks on Drupal4Lib rock, I tell you.)

It's gonna be close but I think I'll make the end-of-February goal for going live with the new site. The public parts of the site are 95% done; the private sections are about 80% but I feel fine going live with some of the older historical data not quite posted yet (provided, of course, I get it posted within a month). The next big thing facing me is the actual migration; I have a sparkly new server waiting for everything, but all I've done so far is make sure the latest version of CentOS is installed and everything's updated. I haven't even installed Drupal there yet... bleurgh. But I have, what, ten days left? I can do this!!

It's a blissful, sunny 72° and a lovely breeze is coming in my open window.

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