December 19, 2007

The Year in First Lines

This not-a-meme is popping up everywhere; I'm running from Hedgehog Librarian's posting. You take the first sentence from the first post of each month for the year and post 'em... here goes!

January: Happy New Year, everyone!

February: Damn.

March: The Call for Speakers has been sent out for Internet Librarian.

April: Or, not...

May: OK, late off the block but I just have to share this: Librarian, by HauntedLove. (Still one of my faves!)

June: So, I'm in Denver now...

July: So, American Libraries also wrote me up in the June 20th issue of AL Direct, in the "Actions & Answers" section.

August: ...buried, inundated, overwhelmed...

September: Found via the ever-reliable LISNews, this article over on "Mere Comments" (a blog for Touchstone magazine) titled "The Librarian as 'Professional'" had me alternating between annoyance and agreement.

October: Hat tip to the 3BT blog...

November: (Catching up on my last few posts!)

: So.

It seems that I have a habit of starting off my posts rather... shortly. Hmm. Also, so, so, so, ok, and SO. Ha!

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