November 27, 2007

Random Musings: Catching Up

Interesting concept: "Sexy Librarian: Critical Edition of the Original Novel" by Julia Weist will be coming out this fall. Think I might have to keep an eye out for it.

Give "Addy Will Know" a listen! "Serving as a musical tribute to the modern librarian, it is about a real librarian who leads a lost patron to the four books he is looking for." (Long overdue thanks to Kris!)

More on the Australian TV show "The Librarians": read an article from The Daily Telegraph about the comedy, and you can watch the episodes in full on the ABC website! (I need to do this.)

Check out this very cool commercial from the University of Buffalo library! "Save Time... Ask a Librarian!" Love it! (Thanks to Liz for sending this to me, and congrats to Jill on doing it!)

Cold, grey, gloomy, and only 64°! Brr! (Yes, I'm a weather wimp.)

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