November 8, 2006

Ah, Sweet Victory!

Ok, I know I said I wasn't going to do any political ranting. So let me just say, Boo-Yah!, and then I'll go back to smiling.... over the election results and the great news about Rumsfeld.

Woo hoo!


davelibn said...

Ah, Sweet victory in West Virginia.
A coal baron put a couple million dollars of his own to put his own hand-picked Republicans in the House of Delegates. They all lost. A new law forced him to put his name on all election signs and there was a big backlash against him. In this state I do wonder about the electorate at times but this time they did it right.

Ruth said...

Let's hear it for that new law! Excellent! And doesn't that make you want to go "neener neener"?

We have something similar here in Arizona that requires funding sources to be named, and to list whether it's an in-state or out-of-state organization. I think that made the difference in a of our proposition results!