September 22, 2006

Friday's Random Musings

Marian Seeley, the inspiration for "Marian the Librarian" in "The Music Man", is being honored in her hometown today. I always liked Marian.

If you haven't watched the video for Cascada's "Everytime We Touch", I recommend it. The song's rather average (IMHO) but it's worth it to see the librarian and all the patrons dancing at the end! (Bonus stereotype-a-bit-different: The librarian's a guy with glasses, and the singing temptress takes off his glasses and musses his hair. Yes! It's not just the female librarians whose inhibitions drop when their glasses are removed. Hang on a second...)

Go, Jan Stout! A librarian who challenged her teen readers to read a chunk of pages by the end of the summer; if they did it, she'd dye her hair whatever color the teens chose. They did, and she did! What a fun way to get them to read!

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