August 23, 2012

Brisbane, Here I Come!

I am honored and delighted to announce that I have accepted an invitation to keynote the 6th Annual New Librarians' Symposium, February 10-13, 2013, in Brisbane, Australia. The symposium's theme is "Think Different, Be Different", and I am looking forward to being just that!

The intended audience for NLS6 is early-career librarians and information professionals,  and the sub-themes are:
  •     Inspire (opening minds, expanding horizons)
  •     Imagine (the future of the information professions)
  •     Create (creativity, risk taking, innovation)
  •     Lead (in our profession and beyond)
  •     Climb (professional development)
  •     Leap (diverse career options for information professionals)

I have the opportunity to talk for an hour on embedded librarianship, special libraries, and our professional identity in any combination and shape I wish - hitting all six themes along the way! Given the incredibly changing nature of the profession, the opportunities available inside libraries and out, and the increase in visibility and interest in embedded positions, I have a lot to talk about! I've already begun outlining my talk, and plan (hope?) on doing it TEDx style.

The really amazing part, that I'm still stunned by? I was crowdsourced.

NLS6: Be Different


Unknown said...

You have no idea how excited I am about this! Especially as I'll also be presenting at NLS6. *happy dance*

Unknown said...

You have no idea how excited I am by this! I'll also be speaking at NLS6 too. :) *happydance*